The creeper

The Creeper
Race: Unspecified
Gender: Male
Height: 8’8″
Weight: 200-500lbs
Sleep/Awaken Every 23 years (during Spring) for 23 days.
Location Poho County, Florida
Death toll 3000+


The Creeper has the ability to regenerate any part of his body by consuming a matching human body part. This allows him to replenish his deteriorating body and maintain a state of immortality. The ability also functions as a form of healing factor, as he can intentionally discard an injured or maimed body part and simply devour a replacement. In addition to his regenerative powers, The Creeper is also quite resilient. In the first film, he is run-over several times by Trish and Darry in their vehicle, yet he still manages to escape and heal himself. In the second film, The Creeper is impaled several times with large harpoons, breaks both of his wings, suffers multiple limb amputations and head wounds, and yet still he continues to pursue his prey with the use of only an arm and a leg. The Creeper seemingly ceases his activities only when he begins hibernating at the end of his 23 day feeding period. He is, however, shown to have a sense of pain,

The Creeper employs a variety of weapons in his pursuit of prey. He commonly carries daggers, shuriken, and other small weapons all fashioned from the flesh and bones of his victims. He also possesses a medieval battle axe, which he uses to decapitate one of his victims in the first film. The Creeper seems fond of throwing weapons, which he does with deadly pinpoint accuracy, so much that it creates the illusion that the weapons are moving of their own accord.

The Creeper also drives a decrepit Chevrolet COE truck which he uses to transport bodies to his hideouts, most commonly, the basement of an abandoned church dubbed “The House of Pain.” He also uses this truck to frighten potential victims and force them off of the road. The truck seems to have been modified which he uses to transport bodies to his various hideouts. It appears to be equipped with a turbocharger, because of its engine sound. and can reach speeds (at least 100MPH) despite its damaged exterior. The license plate reads “BEATNGU” (“Be Eating You”)

Physiologically, The Creeper is only partially humanoid. His skin appears to be leathery and is pale green in color. He has long pointed fingernails, talons on his feet, razor sharp teeth, a pair of large wings (resembling those of a bat) on his back, and another wing-like appendage protruding from the back of his neck. In both films, The Creeper is depicted as strong enough to lift his own body weight and at least one adult human. In the second film, he is shown to throttle and lift a pick-up truck while he is in flight.

Though never deliberately stated, it can be inferred that The Creeper is quite intelligent. Though he has not as of yet been seen to speak, he has demonstrated the ability to whistle. He seems to enjoy music, and owns an old phonograph (on which he plays the song which inspired the film’s namesake whilst dissecting his victims). He also appears to appreciate and indulge in art, as he creates patchworks, sculptures, and weapon decorations out of any uneaten parts from his victims. The Creeper also takes measures to disguise his actual identity by dressing in human clothing: particularly tattered trousers, a trench coat duster, and wide-brimmed hat.


on may 30th 2010 I went to Campbell river and the candy shop they had LOTS OF CANDY!! Like gummy candy (well of course)   hard candy (yep) and lollipops (pleas there is a $30.00  lollipop)     loillpops jpeg

2012, so be it!

December 21 of 2012 is when the  calendar predicts  the end of the world.  hopefully it dose not end ?   if it end’s what  will you do  if it come’s to it



I celebrate Christmas this way:  On Christmas Eve my family open’s one present. When my brother and I wake up and if it’s after12 am then we get to open  our stockings,  but when my Mom and Dad get up we get to open our presents!  We take photos of us when we open our presents. My  sisters come over on Christmas Eve and stay over night and my Grandparents come for Christmas day.

For Christmasdinner we usuallyhave turkey and we have eggnog todrink. 

Last  Christmas (2008) me and my brother made an igloo.  Speaking of which, I read this book called the Snow Day from the Black Lagoon.  What do you stick an igloo with?……i…gloo…igloo, get it like glue.


Trenches of War
Shell-scarred area
Soldiers slept in funk holes
Two-man listening post
Sound of bullets cracking
 Heavy artillery fires
 Enemies could attack anytime
Every soldier was required to stand
Dodging snipers’ bullets and poisonous gas attacks
 Gunners’ man their artillery
Sickness spread among the soldiers
Many soldiers wounded replacing yet another wounded comrade


A  good book I rd.o.a.w.k.ead is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Roderick Rules. It is a book I recommend you read because it is  funny.  The pictures are funny and so are the words, expecially in the speaking bubbles. It’s like a comic book but its a novel. The author of the book is Jeff Kinney. He started to write the book and then published it on the computer much like a blog. I like to read in my room. The books are 224 pages long whcih really isn’t that much to read. The whole book is black and white which makes it look like someone just drew in the book and didn’t colour.